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Where to find your fitness community: The best social fitness apps

One of Dr Ivan Cohen’s top recommendations to maintain a healthy fitness level and enjoy working out was to make exercise a social affair. We might be restricted from large gatherings for a while, but this pandemic has led to the rise of some incredible online communities, where you can connect and find your fitness motivation with other people.

To help you find your perfect fitness community where you will feel comfortable, inspired and happy to exercise here are some of the best social fitness apps out there…

Imagine all your favourite bits of connecting and sharing with people on social media combined with motivational fitness content, classes and more and there you have Fit Together! The wonderful thing about this app is that it creates a great sense of community around staying healthy while also giving you the chance to explore inspiring fitness content and new techniques you might enjoy.

If you love running or cycling and want to exercise with and be motivated by your others, this is the app for you! Strava gives you the chance to easily include your friends and family on your fitness journey by adding them through Facebook. You can compete in challenges together and compare fitness achievements to spur each other on. One of the best features of Strava is that it also makes keeping fit within your local area easier by enabling you to discover local running or biking routes that other Strava users have used.

Nike Run Club is great for those who are interested in getting into running and/or want community motivation to keep achieving their fitness goals. Nike Run Club not only offers great tips, insight and coaching to help you enjoy and improve your fitness easily but it also gives you the chance to share your achievements with the rest of the Nike Run Club community and literally get cheered on!

Like Strava, Fun Fit offers you the chance to include the people you love on your fitness journey by adding them through Facebook. You can share your achievements and spur each other on by celebrating your goals together, turning fitness into a social activity and creating motivation by focusing on the fun of social sharing and distracting you from feeling the hard work you are putting into exercise in a negative way.

SworkIt is one of the best social fitness apps out there, offering not only the chance to motivate yourself through working out with friends but also by working out with your family! SworkIt has loads of free at home workouts you can participate in with the people you love, that are designed to fit around your schedules, including workouts specifically designed to suit families and kids and help them keep fit and healthy.

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