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The top 10 empowering female communities online

So often women are pitted against each other as competitors, in career, in love, in life in general the idea that we must be 'better' than our sisters in order to succeed is drummed into us. But what happens when we stop fighting each other for a place in this world and start communicating with and lifting each other up?

Finding and building your female tribe can be exceptionally nourishing for your mental health and empowering. When we band together we are a highly successful and unstoppable force.

To help you find a community that motivates, educates and inspires you,

Farhana Sarguro, Founder of Relatable Content, The Real Women Talk and I have put together a list of some of our favourite female led communities...


A community existing to combine social media with social justice, the name says it all. Check out Feminist's instagram for daily educational content on women's rights and uplifting, honest messaging about the female experience.

The Female Lead

Educational charity, The Female Lead is dedicated to sharing the stories of inspirational women and giving young girls alternative role-models to those we usually see in pop-culture. Follow their social media channels for empowering content daily demonstrating how women are changing the world for the better.

The Female Collective

Clothing Brand, The Female Collective is your one stop shop for celebratory, uplifting, supportive, and empowering slogans and quotes for women. If following them on instagram isn't inspirational enough, you can bring their excellent words of wisdom into your home as a print or mug or wear them on a t-shirt to remind yourself everyday just how incredible you are as woman.

Gal Dem Zine

Award winning online and print publication Gal Dem Zine is an incredibly empowering and educational space to learn about and celebrate the perspectives of women and non binary people of colour.

Relatable Content

A community I feel honoured to have been a part of when Really Wellness was starting out, Relatable Content is a global space that offers all women a chance to connect and share their experiences and the work they are doing to make the world a better space.

The Real Women Talk

I stumbled across The Real Women talk by chance a few months ago on Instagram and have absolutely fallen in love. Through their channel, The Real Women Talk offers the opportunity for real women to share and receive stories of overcoming their fears and insecurities to help overcome their own, creating a supportive and affirming environment that will do wonders for your sense of self-worth.

Georgina Cox

A personal trainer unlike any other, Georgina Cox has built a community for women that is all about celebrating real bodies and real health, not a misconstrued idea of perfection. Follow Georgina for insight into how she evolved her relationship with her body and how you can to, to become stronger, more confident and really love the skin you are in.

Florence Given

Bright and brilliantly funny artist and author Florence Given has created a beautiful female first space online. Check her website and instagram account out for empowering commentary on the female experience and inspiring artwork to keep you laughing and feeling like you are part of a strong and unified female tribe.

Grace Hazel

Probably one of my biggest online girl crushes, Grace Hazel has built a community online and offline that is all about helping women to reclaim their bodies, sexuality and power. Empowering women’s healing and sexuality witch/mentor Grace hosts incredible workshops and one to ones on reconnecting with your body and embracing your female spirit and sexual being. She also offers an incredible array of free advice and meditations on IGTV that are bound to help you release your female power and strength.

Juliet Lippman

A dear friend and my own mentor, Juliet Lippman is a Pleasure x Spirituality x Business coach that helps female entrepreneurs to launch highly successful businesses. If you are looking for insight into how to tap into your power as a woman in order to create real success and happiness, Juliet's instagram channel has a wealth of advice and inspiration.

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