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The Top Free Yoga Classes Online for Beginners

To really experience the benefits of yoga you need to find a class and a teacher that works for you. There are hundreds if not thousands of yoga classes for beginners out there but these can be an expensive investment if you are not sure whether yoga is your calling and with the recent quarantine, classes aren’t currently running so online yoga classes are the best place to start.

With guidance from Amber and based on some of the resources I've discovered when developing my own practice, these are some of the best free online yoga classes and resources for beginners....

Yoga With Adriene

I discovered Yoga with Adriene when I was looking for ways to stay fit online after we were initially quarantined and quickly fell in love. An experienced and gentle teacher, Adriene’s classes are simple to follow and all available on YouTube. She has loads of great videos not only specifically aimed at beginners but also for different moods and at varying lengths which make practicing yoga easier to fit into your day to day life.


Don’t be put off by the slightly clunky nature of their site, Yome is one of the best free sources online to begin your yoga journey. They offer an endless library of yoga tutorials and you can easily tailor your preferences by level, style and even topic to find yoga that works for you. One of the features I really love about Yome is that you can save the videos you enjoy to a list of favourites so that you can develop your own library of routines.

Breathe and Flow

Breathe and flow are the cutest yoga couple goals out there and they offer some great classes for beginner yogis. Ex Silicon Valley corporate types who gave it all up to travel the world and teach yoga together, what I like about their approach to yoga is that it truly focuses on how it can bring wellbeing and happiness into your life.

Bring it Om Yoga

Although Bring it Om Yoga doesn’t offer free video classes, they do offer beautifully illustrated full yoga flows on their Instagram page. What I love about this approach is that it’s easier to learn, follow along and perfect your yoga practice at your own pace.

Yoga for Beginners a.k.a Not Your Perfect Yogi

I first came across Yoga for Beginners on Instagram and was instantly attracted to the fact that it offered step by step yoga routines through fun and cute imagery that made it simple for me to understand and learn the poses. Later I discovered that Yoga for Beginners is actually the Instagram channel for the wonderful Not Your Perfect Yogi, a YouTube platform that offers tutorials and advice on yoga focusing on the real benefits of yoga rather than perfect yoga practice.

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